Basement WaterProofing

How We solve a Wet Basement Using Our Waterproofing Systembasementwaterproofing
The best solution is to install a subfloor drainage system around the perimeter of the floor. Many homes develop water problems because existing sub-floor drains clog with mud. Our Team designed a system with less chance to clog. Other waterproofing systems sit on top of the footing where its hard for water to reach and flow properly. They don’t have pitch for the gravity flow. Ours is places beside the footer. Our state-of-the-art system performs better and longer than the old fashioned way.
A dry basement will protect your most valuable investment, your home, and enable you to use your basement for storage or for finishing your basement to gain additional living space. Your wet basement can be transformed into a bright, clean, and DRY usable space. Sign up today for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Our Process

•Brake out the concrete on perimeter 12 inches off foundation wall
•We then dig a trench 10 inches deep
•Install 4 inch perforated drain tile with a filtration sock
•Surround the drain tile in stone
•Install sump basin and sump pump
•Run the foundation wall with drainage board
•Replace the concrete to match